The vector of transmission is the former barmaid Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the democratic socialist who will represent New York’s 14th District.

If God’s plans for Ginsburg happen to override Ginsburg’s during Trump’s presidency, who would the president be likely to pick to replace her?

The federal government partially shut down this morning after Senate Republicans ducked into the bushes and refused to use the “nuclear option” to provide $5.7 billion to build a border wall to stop illegal immigration.

Allegations of collusion with Russia have been leveled at President Trump since he was candidate Trump. His enemies in politics, media, and the Deep State are behind those allegations, which they have used since the beginning in an attempt first to keep him from winning, and since then to delegitimize his presidency.

It appears that President Trump recovered his courage and will, indeed, refuse to sign a bill to continue funding the government past December 21 if he does not get $5 billion to help build a wall to stop illegal immigration.

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