Police across the United States are being forced to deal with a new hard-Left, communist-derived movement organized under the code word “Antifa,” standing for “Anti-Fascist.”

The Republican Party of Texas webpage wrongly informed voters that an application for an Article V convention — a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution — will be on the November ballot in Texas, but it won't.

Five U.S. military personnel have filed a lawsuit against President Trump over his ban of transgenders serving in the armed forces.

Despite a fierce assault by the establishment and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the latest polls show former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore with a significant lead in the high-profile race to become Alabama's next U.S. senator. As the establishment attacks escalate, a growing coalition of conservative heavyweights across America are throwing their weight behind Moore, who became a hero to many Christians and constitutionalists over his years in public service. In an interview, the judge explained why the D.C. establishment wants to stop him — and why the people of Alabama support him. Moore also outlined his views on the U.S. Constitution, and how Congress can force the federal courts to obey it using powerful constitutional tools.

Oklahoma State Representative Jason Murphey shared his insights of the most recent legislative session that had a push to "increase taxes at all cost."

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