Although protesters failed to have any effect on President Trump's inauguration Friday, organizers vow to continue their disruptions.



At his inauguration as the 45th President of the United States, President Donald Trump put the globalist establishment that has been selling out America for so long on notice: The American people are back in charge. Quoting the Bible and acknowledging God the Creator as the true source of America's protection, Trump did not mince words when he described the betrayal of America by the self-appointed establishment. But starting today, Trump said the “historic movement” that propelled his campaign to victory against the entire establishment apparatus was ready to ensure that America will come first. No doubt globalists and establishment types — in both parties — were left squirming in their seats at the thought of it all. 

Before Hillary Clinton lost the election, the liberal message was that we had to respect the tradition of a “peaceful transfer of power.” Since Nov. 8, however, the Left has pulled out all the stops to scuttle Donald Trump’s presidency. One of the latest examples is how artists who consider performing at the inauguration have been threatened with career destruction.

After eight years in office, what legacy is Barack Obama leaving behind?

Alexander Soros, in giving $4.5 million to various progressive Democrat Party groups, programs and campaigns in 2016, is just getting started. Wait until he gains full control of his father’s fortune.

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