States that have “opened” from coronavirus lockdowns have, as many predicted, generally experienced no appreciable increase in pandemic intensity. Nonetheless, mainstream media have continued portraying every odd COVID-19 “spike” in such states as a dire portent, as CNN did over Memorial Day weekend and NBC did more recently. But as people argue over the data, something is left unsaid: Even when virus cases do increase, it’s irrelevant.

While President Trump wants to label Antifa as a domestic terrorist organizaion, far-left extremists, including public officials, are coming to the group’s defense.

The Chinese Global Times said that since the United States expressed support for demonstrators in Hong Kong, the Chinese should support the violent protests in the United States.

A black firefighter’s life savings literally went up in smoke as looters, supposedly opposing racism, destroyed the Minneapolis sports bar he was preparing to open and burned down the building.

Biden Is No Moderate

Written by Steve Byas

A persistent myth percolating this election season is that former Vice President Joe Biden, the probable nominee of the Democratic Party for president of the United States this year, is some sort of “moderate.”

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