VIDEO - Could your congressman pass an FBI security check? Author Trevor Loudon asks this question in his new film based on his book “The Enemies Within.” Christian Gomez, who reviewed Loudon’s latest film, asks him about a variety of topics, stemming from the origins of his investigating Communism, to Russia’s latest involvement in the political and world landscape.

On May 11, President Trump signed an executive order creating the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity to file a report to the president detailing which aspects of federal elections are enhancing voter confidence and those aspects of elections that are not. It will be looking for election fraud.

As expected, Trump's budget for Fiscal Year 2018 is what skeptics expected: Growth plus lower taxes is said to balance the budget by 2027 — though much of it is based on hope and gimmicks.

“Arab NATO”? President Trump links arms with Arab sponsors of Sunni-aligned terrorists, with the supposed aim of combatting Iran and its Shia-aligned terrorists.

Will Trump's Middle East trip lead to peaceful relations between Israel and some of its Arab neighbors?

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