President Donald Trump says if he is given four more years, the Supreme Court justices he picks will be originalists. by Bob Adelmann

An explosive new book looks at Jeffrey Epstein’s extensive ties to Israel’s Mossad and other intelligence agencies, suggesting he worked on their behalf. 


General Michael Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, called out former judge John Gleeson’s claim that Judge Emmett Sullivan should continue to prosecute Flynn, even though the government has asked Sullivan to dismiss its case against him.

The mayor of Olympia, Washington, has supported BLM even as they terrorized the city. But now they targeted her home, and she is calling for “more grace.”

When two NYC employees were recently confronted for using an American Flag to mop a dirty bathroom — hours before Flag Day — one responded, “It’s just a symbol.” But the employees’ attitude is no surprise. They were just following the example of pseudo-elites, politicians, and others, who either cower before terrorist group Black Lives Matter as our culture is further destroyed — or actually facilitate that destruction. In an ironic twist, though, the cowardly among us are getting “a lesson in courage” from France, writes American Thinker today.

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