The new budget deal passed by the Senate and signed by President Trump increases government spending and avoids any government cuts.

There is little doubt that illegal immigration has reached epidemic proportions — amounting to an invasion. As bad as it has been in the past, it has escalated exponentially as the political winds have shifted leftward. As more and more liberals become increasingly more militant in making illegal immigrants the poster children of their political campaigns, the illegal immigration invasion has nearly doubled in flow over the last year and is, in fact, almost equal to that of the past two years combined.

The latest data show that the Trump administration is permitting the Central American “migrants,” who are crossing the border at nearly 3,600 per day, to colonize the United States.

Michael Moore says the Democratic party must hang a sharp left turn and nominate Michelle Obama to get back in the White House.

Part of Trump’s Keep American Great strategy will make The Squad the face of the Democratic Party. Thus has his campaign released an advertisement that lets the four politicians speak for themselves.

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