Tea Party logoA new grassroots phenomenon is sweeping the nation — Tax Day Tea Parties. One of the leading sponsoring organizations, the American Family Association (AFA), has announced on its website that AFA TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party Day rallies on April 15 are now scheduled in 1,837 cities. Meanwhile, the originators of the Tax Day Tea Party concept at taxdayteaparty.com list hundreds of Tea Parties scheduled for April 15.

Fox News has completely blown apart the mantra being chanted by politicians and the news media that 90 percent of the guns used in crimes in Mexico come from the United States. Fact is, says Fox News, only about 17 percent are trickling in from north of the border, and some of those legally.

The press has sensationalized recent sprees of mass shootings across the nation. From Jiverly Wong’s murder of 13 (plus killing himself) in a Binghamton, New York, language center to the shooting of three police officers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the murder of eight by another gunman in a Carthage, North Carolina, nursing home just weeks earlier, the incidents are all over the press.

BiefeldtPeople who travel frequently are accustomed to the inconvenience and stress associated with dealing with the seemingly arbitrary “security precautions” administered by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Some examples include:

Bipartisan chicanery marked passage of the federal budget through Congress last week, with the Democrats using statistical deceit to hide deficit figures and the Republicans allowing the budget to pass without a fight while posing as dogged opponents of the massive deficit spending bill.

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