It’s about time for state and federal authorities to figure out just how shady Rep. Ilhan Omar is.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution declaring the National Rifle Association a “domestic terrorist organization” and recommending that the city and county no longer do business with any entity that also has dealings with the gun-rights group.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon announced that the retail giant will discontinue sales of short-barrel rifle and handgun ammunition, and end handgun sales in Alaska.

Try as they might, Joe Biden’s contenders for the presidency can’t seem to dent his firm lead in the polls, which means that rank-and-file voters aren’t, apparently, as worried about his becoming the nominee as political pundits are.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, when pressed about his “war story,” said “the details are irrelevant.” According to the latest polls, the people are buying the canard.

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