President Trump has promised a fast appeal to the ruling from a left-wing judge who enjoined the administration from spending any money on a border wall.

Georgia recently enacted legislation allowing doctors to enter into private care agreements with patients, avoiding both insurance and ObamaCare.

Border agents collared a number of illegal-alien miscreants in the past few days, including yet another sex fiend, and seized another load of drugs worth more than half-million dollars.


Maybe it’s their white privilege. Whatever the case, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) — who now apparently has added “botanist” to her long list of qualifications — has just warned that growing cauliflower plants in nonwhite neighborhoods’ community gardens is akin to an act of colonialism.

VIDEO - On a party-line vote of 12 to 8, Nevada Senate Democrats voted to approve a bill to join the National Popular Vote Compact, which the state’s Assembly had also previously passed on a party-line vote.

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