When a politician says he wants to “talk,” generally it’s that he wants you to listen. Enter presidential contender Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.), who recently said that he’s seeking a dialogue about race.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) unveiled Tuesday her proposal to create a $70-billion federal program to provide free or low-cost childcare for American families.

President Trump told a crowd of Venezuelan émigrés in Miami on February 18: “In Venezuela … socialism is dying, and liberty, prosperity, and democracy are being reborn.”

Covington kid Nicholas Sandmann’s attorneys filed a lawsuit against the Washington Post, which, despite a request to do so, has refused to retract myriad false and defamatory claims about Sandmann’s “confrontation” with Nathan Phillips.

President Trump has launched a global campaign to end criminalization of homosexuality in countries where homosexual activity is illegal.

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