North Carolina Democratic Governor Roy Cooper has vetoed a measure that would have protected babies born alive during a late-term abortion, proving once again that the Democratic Party has become the “pro-infanticide” party.

Representative Eric Swalwell, a hard-leftist from California who wants to be president, has proposed jailing Americans who refuse to surrender legally purchased and owned firearms to a federal gun Gestapo.



By 2020, Hispanic voters will outnumber black voters 32 million to 30 million.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has delivered what she calls “A Message from the Future.” It’s presented in a slick video about how she saved the world via her Green New Deal.

This week, Customs and Border Protection caught a thrice-deported illegal convicted of murder in the United States, a Salvadoran also deported three times, and a child who crossed the border with a contagious disease.

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