Keep everyone guessing. That appears to be President Trump’s “strategic vision” with regard to his surprise announcement that he will meet with North Korean communist dictator Kim Jong-un.

The year-long House Intelligence Committee probe into alleged Russian meddling — and collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia — was officially brought to an end Monday. In what should have been headline news, the committee announced that it while found that Russia attempted to cause chaos in the 2016 election, there was no evidence that Trump or anyone connected to him colluded with Russia or that Putin favored Trump over Clinton.

The National Rifle Association has sued the state of Florida for enacting a law that violates the rights of law-abiding citizens.

The vacuum left by Gary Cohn’s departure last Tuesday will be filled shortly, either by Peter Navarro or by Larry Kudlow. Reuters reported that these are the president’s “top two candidates” to replace Cohn as chief economic advisor.

President Trump has stated that he was in favor of allowing prosecutors to seek the death penalty for convicted drug dealers — an unconstitutional exercise if done federally.

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