Police say an illegal alien used fake documents to work at a farm, where he is accused of killng Iowa girl Mollie Tibbetts.


VIDEO - The Deep State plot to remove Trump from office was advanced on this week as Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen were declared guilty on a total of 18 charges.

Nary a day goes by when The Donald doesn’t send the Left into a foaming rage. Yesterday, when the president tweeted something the Left didn’t like after a segment on Tucker Carlson’s program, was typical.

In President Trump’s buying the silence of two women who allegedly had affairs with him, he had some good teachers: the Clintons and much of Congress. 

The medical profession needs a doctor — stat. This conclusion is inescapable, with stories about how fewer people are entering medicine, leading to a physician shortage; and, more shockingly, about how many doctors are leaving the field for greener pastures. The reasons? Demoralizing, stifling government bureaucracy; the rise of STEM jobs; and younger generations that value status over service.



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