Using DNA intended for genealogy purposes to solve murders raises some serious questions.

San Francisco spent $310,000 setting up a special system to accommodate noncitizens voting in the November school board election, but only 49 have signed up so far.

Is there a constitutionally protected right to homeschool our children?

Citing outrageous subsidies for Communist China that harm American producers, the Trump administration announced that the U.S. government would be withdrawing from the United Nations Universal Postal Union (UPU). If the organization refuses to end the scam whereby Chinese shippers can ship their goods to the United States from China cheaper than American firms can send them domestically, then the U.S. government will formally exit as planned. But if the outfit agrees to quit ripping off Americans and others to subsidize China, then the administration will consider rescinding its notice of withdrawal. The move, while relatively small in the big scheme of things, is another step by the Trump administration toward protecting American jobs while reining in globalism and Western support for Communist China's rise to global power. Still, much work remains to be done.

Tuesday is the day President Trump will announce his plan to stop the “migrant caravan,” while leftists are gearing up to file border-busting lawsuits that will stop the president from deporting the illegal aliens.

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