Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein appointed a special counsel Wednesday to investigate alleged connections between Trump and Russia. The special counsel — former FBI director Robert S. Mueller III — will have free range to investigate both those alleged connections and whether Russia attempted to interfere in recent U.S. elections.

Since President Trump signed his executive orders on immigration enforcement, ICE agents have arrested more than 41,000 illegal aliens — up 37.6 percent over last year.

It goes without saying that most television networks are interested in making money. That is why television shows that do not garner enough viewership are cancelled. Presumably then, if a television show did, in fact, achieve good ratings, it would be considered an asset by the network and renewed season after season. Such was not the case with Tim Allen’s television sitcom Last Man Standing, a show that features a conservative, Christian father with traditional family values who has no qualms about expressing his discontent with the Left. It is for this reason that ABC’s recent cancellation of this popular sitcom is considered to be political and has provoked petitions and boycotts against the network.

Anonymous Trump administration officials are claiming, off the record, that President Trump did not share classified information with the Russians because he is too hasty and inept to know the information to begin with.

As the beleaguered White House continues to fumble its way through the escalating scandal of whether or not President Trump revealed sensitive, classified intelligence to Russian officials in last week’s Oval Office meeting, Russian Vladimir Putin has offered Congress a copy of the transcript of that meeting as proof that he did not.

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