Senator PelosiWhen California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi became House Speaker with the election of a Democratic majority in 2006, hopes ran high in some quarters that the feisty grandmother of seven would lead an investigation into the Bush administration’s actions involving the United States in the Iraq War.

Sen. McCainWhat effect would a John McCain presidency have on the Supreme Court? That question is perhaps even more important this election year, since three or four Supreme Court justices are likely to retire during the next presidential term.

Senator BidenDespite Obama’s pledge for “change,” his pick for vice-presidential running mate, Senator Joseph Biden (D-Del.), is the clearest signal yet that an Obama presidency would be little more than old wine in new bottles.

Riot police1968. For nostalgic, aging radicals, that year is fondly remembered as the zenith of their glory days, when their demonstrations against the Vietnam War and the American “system” reached a fever pitch, culminating in the televised violence and riots at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. For most other Americans old enough to remember that time 40 years ago, it is marked as one of the darkest in American history, a year of riots, revolution, murder, and mayhem.

Mike LeavittThe Bush administration plans to enforce a regulation that will prevent healthcare workers who object to abortion from being forced to perform abortion-related services that violate their beliefs. Under the rule, federal officials can deny funding to hundreds of thousands of health care providers if they do not allow employees to opt out from providing care that violates their personal, moral or religious beliefs.

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