The president's ill-advised strikes on supposed terrorist bases have inspired radical Islamic factions to a renewed and intense hatred of the United States.

Over the past two years The New American has carried out an investigation into the Oklahoma City bombing which indicates that McVeigh, Terry Nichols, and their Elohim co-conspirators were subcontractors, and perhaps planned fall guys, for Middle Eastern terrorist organizations with operational cells throughout the United States. — including in Oklahoma City.

ICCEverywhere throughout Rome these days the signs of construction and restoration are unmistakable: ancient monuments, temples, churches, and basilicas are shrouded in scaffolding and streets are blocked off to traffic as workmen paint, chip, clean, and pave. The furious renovation campaign is in preparation for the new millennium, which has been designated Europa 2000 by the European Union and the Year of Jubilee by Pope John Paul II.

Bill Clinton’s nine-day tour of China illustrates, among other things, that appeasement of the Red Dragon need no longer be disguised by spurious anti-communist credentials. By way of illegal campaign donations, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) became the equivalent of a shareholder in the Clinton administration, and Clinton’s behavior before and during his visit reflected that relationship.

Sooner or later members of Congress and the American people have got to deal with the unmentionable "T" word and all that it implies. And it had better be sooner because later may be too late. A nation cannot long survive treason in its highest offices and positions of trust. But one of the most grotesque symptoms of the pernicious malaise of liberalism that has infected Western political, academic, and media elites during the last half century is the unwillingness to recognize treason for the terrible crime that it is — or even to acknowledge that such an offense exists. These elites have perennially apologized for, romanticized, defended, explained away, and covered for the traitors who have committed these despicable acts. Even worse, they have transformed treason into official policies which have resulted in the transfer of massive assistance — including military aid — to our deadly enemies.

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