The federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, in keeping with its many other decisions subversive of American law and sovereignty, says San Francisco is not responsible for the killer of Kate Steinle.

Adam Schiff has been duly chastised for making wild, unsubstantiated charges — but the decision by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to besmirch the good name of an American patriot, Joseph McCarthy, is inexcusable.

Parents in Chandler, Arizona, have lost custody of their children, at least temporarily, for failing to adhere to doctor’s orders, in a story that is sure to terrify parents and all those who support parental rights.

For years a certain journalist has wryly remarked “that the Democrats have the world’s most effective public-relations team: the U.S. media.” This has now been proven yet again.

Peripatetic porn lawyer, erstwhile presidential candidate, and bloviating loudmouth Michael Avenatti was arrested twice on the same day on charges of extortion, embezzlement, and bank and wire fraud.

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