Eric HolderAttorney General nominee Eric H. Holder, Jr. unequivocally said “Waterboarding is torture” at his confirmation hearing January 15. Asked if he would prosecute those who engaged in felony torture or allow the President to immunize the perpetrators, Holder told Senator Patrick Leahy (D-N.H.), “Mr. Chairman, no one is above the law.”

ConstitutionThis topic reminds me of the story about the national politician who campaigned on a party platform promoting the Welfare State. His stump speech was filled with promises of all the government services that he would fight for, if the voters would just elect him to Congress. He promised to meet all of the people’s needs relating to childcare, education, nutrition, housing, transportation, healthcare, pensions, and good-paying jobs for every citizen. Finally, at one town hall meeting, a boy raised his hand and asked, “Why would we need jobs?”

texas corridorThe Texas Department of Transportation announced on January 6 that the Trans Texas Corridor is dead. We don't think so.

bidenVice President-elect Joseph Biden arrived in Baghdad on January 12 for an unannounced visit. It was part of a three-nation Asian tour for the vice president-elect, who visited Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The trip provided further confirmation that the incoming Obama administration intends to pursue an interventionist foreign policy — allying ourselves with Pakistan in our war against terrorism despite the fact that Pakistan is far from a paragon of human rights and "democracy"; supporting the planned U.S. military buildup in Afghanistan that basically entails shifting the war in Iraq to a new theater; and staying engaged in Iraq, a country that Biden once proposed dividing into three parts.

Obama chooses carol brownerPresident-elect Barack Obama has selected the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency under Bill Clinton, Carol Browner, to serve as his “Assistant to the President on Energy and Climate Change.” Plenty of the “qualifications” on her résumé should raise eyebrows for anyone concerned about freedom or sovereignty, but perhaps most alarming is her leadership seat on Socialist International’s “Commission for a Sustainable World Society.” The organization believes, among other things, that “an essential aspect of realising a more fair and effective form of global governance is reform of the United Nations,” it says on its website.

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