Many predicted violence this past Saturday as the right-wing "Proud Boys" rallied in Portland. There was violence, but it came from the violent left-wing extremist group Antifa.

If trend lines mean anything in politics, Joe Biden’s third try for the presidency looks like it will once again end in failure.

What do you call someone who sows racial unrest, and risks sparking inter-group violence, for political gain? A demagogue? Black Tea Party figure Lloyd Marcus calls such a person “a despicable human being” — and he has someone in particular in mind: Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

Jeffrey Epstein, the sex pervert, convicted molester, and Deep State financier, committed suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell, New York City’s medical examiner ruled on Friday. But too many questions about the finding of "suicide" remain to dismiss foul play.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed Trump supporters fail to see the racist nature of the policies they support because they haven't been educated enough on racism.

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