Michael HaydenDuring a speech given on November 13 before the Atlantic Council think tank, CIA Director Michael Hayden offered his best-informed opinion that Osama bin Laden is isolated and most likely hiding amidst the mountainous terrain along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Dana PerinoThe New York Times revealed on November 10 the existence of yet another secret administration policy that had been hidden from the American people: "Since 2004 [the Bush administration] has used broad, secret authority to carry out nearly a dozen previously undisclosed attacks against Al Qaeda and other militants in Syria, Pakistan and elsewhere." The Times story noted that the Bush administration had singled out 15-20 nations where such military operations could be conducted without congressional approval (and perhaps even congressional knowledge).

Catholic BishopsIn the wake of a presidential race that culminated in the election of a pro-abortion administration, U.S. Catholic bishops moved quickly on November 11 to send notice to Barack Obama that they would oppose legislation to roll back abortion restrictions.

ObamaAccording to Obama, "Change has come to America." But has it really? And if so, what kind of change is it? In his 83-page "Blueprint for Change," the new president-elect proposes a myriad of ideas. Most of his plan involves more spending and, according to some experts, stepping further outside the bounds of the Constitution than ever before. His plan covers everything from healthcare, the economy, ethics, seniors, education, energy, immigration, and rural issues to poverty, service and civil rights.

Ron PaulAs part of an ongoing post-election series entitled "The 44th President," the New York Times conducted an "If You Were President ..." reader poll on November 11 asking readers to "Make your selections for President-elect Obama's cabinet by choosing the name of a potential member of the new administration from a pulldown, or entering your own pick."

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