Contraceptives Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has revealed more of her worldview of humans and their worth. In an interview with George Stephanopoulos for ABC, Pelosi was attempting to defend the new $825 billion economic stimulus package, which contains a provision that individual states be reimbursed for contraceptives and other “family planning” services provided for people who have no health insurance.

Car emissionsThere can be no doubt that Americans are not living in the constitutionally limited republic created by our founders. Instead, they now live in a centralized executive state consisting of an imperial presidency imbued with king-like powers. A perfect example of this form of government occurred on January 26 when President Barack Obama issued executive orders for federal regulators to implement stricter fuel-emission standards for automobile manufacturers.

Phony GuantanamoThe Department of Defense claimed in a dramatic press briefing on January 13 that “61 in all former Guantanamo detainees are confirmed or suspected of returning to the fight” of terrorism. This figure has been repeated incessantly since that time by the mass media, often without the “or suspected of” qualifier in the statement.

UN flagThe UN's "Special Rapporteur on Torture," Manfred Nowak, in a message recorded on January 20 for broadcast that evening on Germany's ZDF television, urged the United States to bring charges against former President George W. Bush and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for torture and bad treatment of prisoners held at the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo Bay. "Judicially speaking, the United States has a clear obligation" to bring proceedings against Bush and Rumsfeld, said Nowak.

ExcellentPresident Barack Obama signed three executive orders on the first full day of his presidency, January 21, to (1) ban the use of torture, (2) close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, within a year, and (3) review of detention policies for terrorist suspects, along with a review of cases for existing inmates.

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