ACORN2The for-profit conglomerate known as ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) consists of an assemblage of hundreds of left-leaning activist groups, engaged in the lucrative business of "community organizing" — in other words, agitating for as much government money as possible.

Constitution with Flag and QuillUnderstanding how the Constitution was based on the Declaration of Independence provides the knowledge needed to defend our God-given rights.

Saul Alinsky from APSaul Alinsky, who died 36 years ago and is only dimly known today, has had a major impact on the 2008 presidential election from the grave. He is a radical who matters, whose theories of political organizing are the lifeblood of the Obama campaign, as well as influencing the political career of the temporarily vanquished Hillary Clinton.

ACORN1The hard-left activist group ACORN has been getting its day in the sun during the last few weeks, but probably not in a way it would have preferred. ACORN, which is an acronym for "Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now," normally works quietly on a community level to organize workers into unions, register voters, build community-based organizations, and agitate for socialist issues like public housing and government healthcare. However, it has now been implicated in voter-registration fraud investigations in a dozen states, in allegations of financial embezzlement by insiders, along with a coverup, in non-payment of millions of dollars in taxes, in labor and wage violations, and in campaign fundraising scandals.

Barack Obama and the CitizenshipIt has been alleged that presidential aspirant Barack Obama is ineligible to become president because, it is claimed, he was not born in the United States, but rather born in Kenya to a Kenyan father, making him a Kenyan citizen. The story has gained credence for several reasons. His paternal grandmother in Kenya has reportedly been audiotaped saying that she was in the delivery room when Obama was born. Obama has refused to release an official birth certificate. Instead he has released a "certification of live birth," which not only shows evidence of tampering — Obama's half-sister's name Maia appears under his name — but wouldn't normally be considered a legal document anyway. Further, Obama will not release his medical records or his records from Occidental or Harvard College. It is speculated that he will not release these records because they indicate he is not a citizen and may, in fact, have applied for some type of U.S. government aid for foreign students.

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