The Trump administration announced Monday that it is cutting off funding to the UN Population Fund, which has been accused of promoting forced abortion, particularly in China.

Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice spied on members of the Trump transition team, vindicating Trump's charges of Obama administration surveillance. CNN, however, has chosen to defend Rice — and Obama.

VIDEO - Constitution expert Robert Brown clears the air on Convention of States’ claim that an Article V Convention and a Constitutional Convention are entirely different. Brown also goes on to ask at what point of amending the Constitution is the document becoming entirely different?

It's nice to have in place an attorney general who supports local police instead of the previous one, who worked to assimilate local police into the federal apparatus. 

The agents of the deep state have gone too far this time. If President Trump pushes back with the full weight of his Article II authority and has the support of enough in Congress with its Article I authority, the deep state may get deep-sixed.

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