The New York Times has just made news by giving us all the presidential endorsements fit to print. In a first not just for the paper but, perhaps, for any paper, it has chosen two candidates: Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar.

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has a problem: campaign staffers who want a communist revolution and Soviet-style tyranny should the “socialist” from Vermont win the presidency.

After being prevented from crossing a bridge into Mexico, hundreds of Central American migrants waded across the river separating Mexico and Guatemala on January 20, only to be stopped by members of the Mexican National Guard.  

Chief Judge Stephen Howard in Fort Collins, Colorado, last Thursday denied a red flag (aka “extreme risk protection order,” or ERPO) petition from Susan Holmes against a police officer because she lied on the form.

Gun Owners of America founder Hubert Leon “Bill” Richardson passed away on January 13.

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