VIDEO - In this video, The New American exposes how globalists such as Condoleeza Rice of the Bush administration use incredibly dishonest tactics to smear patriots in general and the John Birch Society in particular. After the violence in Charlottesville, Rice attacked JBS and sandwiched it between the KKK and Nazis--something she knows very well is absurd. In fact, JBS has always represented exactly the opposite: opposition to racism and anti-Semitism, prominent Jewish and black leaders and members, support for liberty, opposition to National Socialism and all forms of socialism, and more. On the other hand, Rice, who helped get America involved in the illegal and disastrous wars that led to the genocide of Christians in the Middle East, served under a president whose own family was literally involved in helping to finance the Nazi war machine. Rice is a member of the globalist swamp known as the Council on Foreign Relations, which the JBS has been very effective in exposing. That is why she uses dishonesty to smear the Birchers. But patriots should be encouraged: If there was any legitimate criticism of JBS, she would have used that instead of dishonesty. By contrast, the JBS uses only the truth and the facts. Join us today!

This lawsuit was going nowhere from the start. But its clumsy handling of it by the Times reveals what most know: the Times and the judge are in the bag.

Last week, President Trump signed an official directive reversing President Obama’s plan to incorporate transgender individuals into the military, but on Tuesday, Defense Secretary James Mattis announced that he would be freezing the military’s transgender ban pending the results of a study on how to seamlessly implement it.

Rather than being "peaceful" anti-Nazi protesters, those in Antifa are Marxist revolutionaries, and they see local police as their enemy.

Denver’s City Council, by a vote of 10-0 Monday night, made Denver a de facto sanctuary city.

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