Mitch McConnell's plan to push an ObamaCare repeal-but-not-replace bill through the Senate is probably already dead, with three Republican senators declaring their opposition to it.

The liberal mainstream media — caught time and again producing fake news — is still flogging the story of Donald Trump, Jr.’s meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya last summer. And while playing a rousing game of pin-the-rumor-on-the-Trump, they continue to ignore facts inconvenient to their made-up narrative. Case in point: That Russian lawyer spent years working closely with Democrats.

The Army Corps of Engineers are now conducting tests in the Southwest to determine the best type of border wall to be built along the U.S.-Mexican border.

When he was running for president, Donald Trump roundly criticized the Iran nuclear deal of President Barack Obama. But regardless of whether it was a bad deal or a good deal, or whether the United States should even have been a party to the deal, there is no question that the Obama administration circumvented the U.S. Senate when signing onto it, nor is there any question that the U.S. president is required to periodically inform Congress about whether Iran is abiding by it. President Trump did this earlier this week when he certified  — for the second time — that Iran is in compliance.

The Charlie Gard case in Great Britain is bringing up the debate on whether parents or government officials make the final decisions for their children.

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