Nothing could be more unjust than making a person pay for a wrong perpetrated over one hundred years before that person was born — to individuals who were not wronged.

VIDEO - Pro-Life speaker Heather Hobbs joins The New American to discuss the Oregon rejection of HB 3423, coined the “Born Alive Bill.” Hobbs stresses that those who voted against the bill voted against the requirement of exercising proper care for newborns who survived an abortion.

It its decision in Mitchell v. Wisconsin, the U.S. Supreme Court usurped power over the laws of all the states and the people, virtually repealing the Fourth and 10th Amendments.

Democrats' claims to the contrary notwithstanding, the Trump administration is doing nothing to stall the design of the Harriet Tubman $20 bill.

Police have shown that yet another “noose” is a campus hate hoax, only this hoax wasn’t the work of an actual faker, but instead the fault of a dean who immediately hit the moral panic button and assumed the worst.

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