One can be assured of the bankruptcy of an argument, such as the arguments by three Texas professors that their rights are being impinged by a law that allows concealed carry on campus, when the argument fails its first test: coherency.

The men in the fancy suits and the women in the expensive dresses at the recent G20 Summit may not look like campus radicals, but they often are just as much socialists as those overturning cars and smashing store windows outside the meeting.

Meeting with the leaders of Asian nations on the sidelines of the G20 economic summit at Hamburg, Germany, on July 8, President Trump condemned communist North Korea’s ongoing development of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. 

Is global-warming vanguardist Michael Mann in contempt of court or isn’t he? Climate realist John O’Sullivan says yes, stating that Mann faces legal defeat, financial consequences, and possible criminal investigation in the United States. As for Mann, his attorney denies the allegations, calling them “spurious.”

CNN is on the fast track to losing what little is left of its credibility. In a perfect storm of embarrassing revelations, retractions, “resignations," and missteps that would make the Three Stooges look coordinated by comparison, the network is poised for self-destruction. Rather than taking a step back to evaluate and adjust course, CNN is doubling down on its stock-in-trade: fake news, fake news, and more fake news.

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