Congress is poised to take away more of our freedom from government intrusion into our business, all in the name of fighting human trafficking.

Pennsylvania state representative Angel Cruz has proposed legislation to require all state lawmakers to be tested for illegal drugs in a symbolic gesture meant to draw attention to what he has deemed an unfair requirement for welfare recipients.

VIDEO - In this exclusive interview, Kurt Hyde, author of The New American's cover story 'Voter Fraud: Manipulating the Vote,' speaks with senior editor Bill Jasper regarding Russian hacking, corruption, vulnerabilities, and voting efficiency. Hyde is an election integrity expert, studying and investigating historical and current election methods and procedures.

The Justice Department said that a Chinese Ministry of State Security operative has been charged with attempting to commit economic espionage against a U.S. firm. 

The column in the Washington Post, attempting to smear The John Birch Society, reveals a misunderstanding of the Society's effort to impeach Earl Warren in the 1960s.

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