The Washington Post has asked the federal district court in Kentucky’s eastern district to dismiss Nicholas Sandmann’s $250 million defamation lawsuit.

The Big Apple is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, who sometimes carry diseases, but not for Americans who don’t want to be vaccinated against them. As a case in point, Bolshevik Bill (a.k.a. Mayor De Blasio) just ordered that all adults and children older than six months in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg section be vaccinated against measles — or else.

Democrats and the media are finally beginning to realize that there actually is a crisis on the southern border. Of course, they blame Trump for the predicament, who is trolling them by threatening to send illegals to “sanctuary cities” for safe keeping.

So-called moderate Democrats are worried the Party is moving so far to the Left that Trump will win in 2020, and thus are trying to offer some less-radical solutions.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested today, after the Ecuadorian embassy in London terminated his asylum and allowed police to enter the embassy and forcibly remove him. 

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