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The Left can find it in its heart to say good things about a Republican, after the Republican is dead, so that the Left can use the person's memory to attack another Republican.

Not six weeks after he was released instead of deported, police allege, Henri Salvador Gutierrez and five other members of his gang stabbed another likely gang member to death.

In May, the Boulder, Colorado, city council banned the sale or possession of “assault weapons,” high-capacity magazines, and “bump stocks,” mandating that residents “certify” firearms by December 27. So far, only 85 people have complied.

As a member of the “migrant caravan” climbed over the U.S. border fence last week in order to give birth on American soil, the issue of ending birthright citizenship is as relevant as ever.

Democrats captured 46 of California’s 53 House sets in the midterm congressional election, much of their success attributable to a technique known as “ballot harvesting.”

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