VIDEO - Retired Colonel John Eidsmoe speaks to Alex Newman about the wave of political correctness and "social justice" that has been plaguing the United States. Col. Eidsmoe points out that Christianity has been getting pushed out of culture only to be replaced with Marxism, socialism, and evolution.

The whistleblower’s false claim to have first-hand knowledge of President Trump’s conduct has been disproven. Can Americans trust his allegations?

Representative Adam Schiff sent a staff member to a Burisma-backed conference in Ukraine in August. The obvious matter to be investigated is whether the staff member traveled there to solicit “foreign interference” in the 2020 election.

VIDEO - With the recent anniversary of 9/11, America is entering a new epoch: Millions of Americans who weren't even alive when the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked, will be eligible to vote in the next elections. Dr. Duke discusses all this with C. Mitchell Shaw in today's interview.

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