Studies by Pew Research and the FBI conclude that the Ferguson Effect is indeed restraining police, causing them to avoid confrontation and causing criminals to become emboldened and commit more crimes.

In the wake of the U.S. Department of Justice clearing both officers invloved in the shooting death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge last Summer, the state of Louisiana is conducting its own investigation. The new investigation will likely focus on claims that one of the officers pointed a gun at Sterling's head and threatened to kill him almost as soon as the officers arrived on the scene.

Despite virtually every Republican at the federal level running on a platform of repealing ObamaCare, the GOP-controlled House of Representatives just voted to retain the bulk of it under the guise of “repeal and replace.” Now, in addition to keeping in place a dizzying array of unconstitutional and destructive federal meddling in healthcare, Republicans have ensured that they will get the blame as costs continue to surge and care becomes increasingly difficult to access. Everyday Americans and constitutional governance, as usual, will be the main losers. Now the fight moves to the Senate, where analysts expect lawmakers to retain even more of ObamaCare.

The Obama administration distributed thousands of intelligence reports with NSA intercept data containing the unredacted names of U.S. residents during the 2016 election.

In 2014, the latest year for which sufficient data is available, half of all murders in the United States took place in just 63 U.S. counties — two percent of the 3,144 counties in the country.

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