Chuck Hagel’s obviously solid connections to the Establishment’s Insiders — his membership in the Council on Foreign Relations and his promotion of an internationalist foreign policy in the CFR's Foreign Affairs magazine — are not receiving the attention they deserve.

On the night of January 15, the House of Representatives passed a bill appropriating $50.5 billion in emergency relief funds for victims of last October’s Hurricane Sandy. The legislation, H.R. 152, “Disaster Relief Appropriations Act, 2013,” sponsored by Rep. Harold Rogers (R-Ky.) passed by a vote of 241-180. A total of 192 Democrats and 49 Republicans voted in support of the measure, with 179 Republicans and one Democrat opposed.

It is more likely that the increasing violence in the real world than that in the virtual world contributed to the Sandy Hook murders as well as other similar violent acts.

A number of former U.S. presidents are receiving millions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize their rent, postage, and satellite television.

At President Obama’s final press conference of his first term held on Monday, he made clear his intention not to negotiate with the Congress over the debt ceiling.

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