Politico has dug up yet another #MeToo scandal, and yet again, the fetid corpse was buried in liberal soil: the campaign of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, the Democrat from New York.

New York holds the dubious title of “least free state” and has been driving away the wealthy with its soak-the-rich standards, and now to help pay its bills, Empire State tax collectors are chasing rich alleged ex-New Yorkers to prove New York residency.  

The Democratic Party — or at least the hard-bitten leftists who run it in the House of Representatives — doesn’t care whether illegal aliens vote in American elections.

Sometime today or tomorrow, CNN will get what the Washington Post got last month: a massive lawsuit from Nicholas Sandmann. And the dollar figure will be bigger.

An opinion based on a study with such severe limitations as this one is an empty opinion.

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