New Jerseyans appear impervious to Senator Bob Menendez's career-long history of corruption and treason. Now that the DOJ is dropping charges against him after a hung jury because his evident corruption is apparently not corrupt enough, they're likely to reelect him to another term in November.

While some FBI officials are saying the FISA memo does not contain “any factual inaccuracies,” FBI leadership released a public statement Wednesday citing “grave concerns” about the memo.


Porn star Stormy Daniels has denied any affair with Donald Trump, but it continues to be a big story with the liberal media.

Delaware lawmakers are considering legislation that would legalize physician-assisted suicide, including that of “intellectually disabled” patients.

Lawmakers in Idaho voted unanimously Wednesday morning to move forward the Restoring Constitutional Governance Act, which would prohibit the indefinite detainment of Americans by the federal government or anyone else in that state. If passed into law, the bill would nullify unconstitutional provisions of the infamous 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which purported to authorize the capture and imprisonment of citizens by the military without any semblance of due process. While some local governments in Idaho have already passed similar measures, activists and lawmakers say it is important that residents all over the state be protected from the unconstitutional abuses by the federal government. After being approved in a committee hearing, the measure now moves on to be formally considered by the legislature.

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