When Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke appears tomorrow before the House Financial Services Committee, he’ll be facing, for the final time, his nemesis, Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas), author of End the Fed.

The U.S.-backed “rebels” attempting to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are being told by President Obama that they will have to wait until after the November presidential elections to start receiving the arms and intelligence they need to topple the Assad regime.

The Arizona affiliate of Planned Parenthood, the tax-funded abortion behemoth and a top ally of President Obama, filed a federal lawsuit against state officials this week in an effort to stop a new law halting the flow of taxpayer funds to abortion providers. Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, however, expressed confidence that the effort to protect citizens from being coerced into financing abortion would be upheld.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has indicated that the United States is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that Iran does not possess nuclear weapons. This is not the first time the American people have heard such rhetoric from this administration regarding Iran, but these latest remarks were made during Clinton’s recent visit to Israel.

Clinton spent 12 days traveling to nine countries to address a variety of international issues. Her discussions with Israeli leaders focused on issues including “Iran, upheaval in the Arab world, the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process and the political transition in Egypt,” observed Bloomberg News.

After disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder became the first sitting cabinet member in U.S. history to be officially held in contempt of Congress, gun-rights activists are now seeking to have Obama’s controversial top law-enforcement officer disbarred for his lawless behavior surrounding the “Fast and Furious” federal gun-running scandal – the scheme to put thousands of weapons in the hands of Mexican cartels that eventually led to Holder being held in contempt for making multiple false statements under oath and defying lawful subpoenas to obstruct a congressional investigation.

While critics say Holder is currently abusing his position as head of the Justice Department to shield himself from prosecution, his opponents are not done trying to rein him in yet. They are now seeking to have his license to practice law revoked in the wake of growing outrage.

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