The Republican National Committee (RNC) has violated its own rules to marginalize Ron Paul delegates and to effectively prevent any dissenting man or message from penetrating the thick veil of control draped by the Establishment over the nominating process.

"End the Fed!" "Bring them Home!" "No More War!" "Revolution!" If your idea of fun doesn’t include hearing these phrases shouted in unison by 10,000 people, then be happy you weren’t in Tampa, Florida, at the rally at the University of South Florida’s Sun Dome on Sunday night, August 26. “I’ve been to lots of concerts and I’ve never heard anything this loud,” one attendee tweeted to this reporter as the headliner took the stage. After two hours of speeches by political superstars and up-and-comers and rousing music, Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) took the stage and the crowd exploded, chanting: “President Paul! President Paul!”

In his final column as Public Editor for the New York Times, Arthur S. Brisbane concluded that the paper's progressive world view "bleeds through" every department of the paper. But it’s certainly not because of any conspiracy, says Brisbane, just a meeting of like minds in promoting a worldview that editors and writers share: urbane, worldly, and flexible. 



As the GOP assembles in Tampa for the Republican National Convention, delegates have adopted a plank for the platform rejecting the imposition of United Nations taxes on Americans or UN control over the global monetary system, pointing out that the scandal-plagued global body has proven itself wasteful and incompetent. Activists celebrated the move, but some national GOP officials said it should have gone further, noting that the UN is absolutely determined to infringe on U.S. sovereignty. 

Our children may be learning to be more than just bilingual at their elementary schools’ language immersion program. Since 2006 the federal government has spent millions to turn elementary schools around the country into training centers for future government intelligence agents.

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