From Bergen, New Jersey, to St. Louis, Missouri, to Salt Lake City, Utah, the merging of law enforcement moves along, applauded by a coterie of city leaders and well-meaning citizens. But will consolidation of local police departments and sheriffs’ offices mean taking control away from local citizens, chiefs of police, and sheriffs?

Last Friday the Senate passed 90-1 to reject containment of a nuclear Iran. Senator Rand Paul considers passage of this resolution as a de facto declaration of war.

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson has filed suit in an effort to be permitted to engage in the presidential debates set to take place between President Obama and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Johnson has filed an anti-trust lawsuit in federal court, asserting that the two major parties are conspiring to ostracize third party candidates from the debates as well as the Oval Office.

Republicans and conservatives have charged that President Obama wants as many Americans on the dole as possible. Now, some new numbers have surfaced that offer proof for these accusations .

The Congressional Research Service has reported that the number of able-bodied American adults on food stamps doubled after President Obama relaxed eligibility requirements to participate in the Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP), commonly known as "food stamps."

After an activist judge in Wisconsin blocked parts of Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-reform law reining in the power of government-employee unions, Moody’s said the decision would negatively affect the credit rating of local governments even as pro-Big Labor politicians in at least one county sprang into action to keep taxpayers on the hook for another year. State officials, however, are already working to undo the damage.

On September 14, portions of the law, known as Act 10, were ruled “unconstitutional” by Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas — apparently known locally as “the left's lefty” for, among other reasons, his zealous support of Big Labor. Political insiders in Wisconsin told The New American that the case may have even been specifically routed to Colas so the ruling would be essentially pre-determined.

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