President Obama’s controversial birth control mandate imposed by the Department of Health and Human Services was the subject of a fierce battle being fought in the Senate today as it pursued the first of what is likely to be several votes on the mandate. Today’s vote was on the “conscience” amendment written by Senator Roy Blunt, (R-Mo., left), which would have countered Obama’s mandate. The amendment failed, however, by a close vote of 51 to 48.

A bill has just passed the House and the Senate that criminalizes protests anywhere near the presence of a designated government official. On Monday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted nearly unanimously (388-3) in favor of H.R. 347, the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011.

Film star Wesley Snipes (One Night Stand, Blade) is scheduled for release from federal prison on July 19, 2013, 31 months after being incarcerated for failure to file his income-tax returns.

“Peter Gleick lied, but was it justified by the wider good?” That question forms the headline for a revealing (and disturbing) column by James Garvey on February 27 in the Guardian. Revealing and disturbing, but not surprising, considering the fanatical ideology that drives so many of the green alarmists. And not all that surprising coming from the Guardian, which has been in the vanguard of Britain’s most strident anthropogenic (manmade) global-warming (AGW) alarmists.

Prince George’s County in Maryland has been a dangerous place for drivers and pedestrians. In 2005, for example, the county saw a 100-percent increase in pedestrian fatalities and a 120-percent increase in traffic fatalities. The situation has gotten so bad that in October 2011, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley announced a special safety initiative for traffic in that county. 

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