Phoenix pastor Michael Salman is currently serving a 60 day sentence in a Maricopa County, Arizona jail for violating his probation by holding religious services on his property, which is said to be in violation of zoning and building codes.

Salman, a husband and father of six children, is an ordained pastor at the Church of God in Christ and a founder of Harvest Christian Fellowship. In 2010, Salman was found guilty of nearly 70 Class 1 misdemeanors involving code violations in his home where he held church services, including not having lighted emergency exits, and not having fire doors or sprinklers. He appealed his convictions but the court upheld them.

The Army colonel presiding over the trial of five men accused of participating in the attacks of September 11, 2001 has ruled that attorneys for a consortium of media and civil liberties organizations may argue for increased transparency in the proceedings.

The lawyers for the 14 media groups (including the American Civil Liberties Union) filed motions with the military tribunal challenging a previously entered order that prevented publication of testimony considered “secret.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a leftist group that regularly smears Christian and conservative groups, has described Wade Michel Page, the alleged murderer in the Milwaukee Sikh temple shooting, as a "Neo-Nazi."


Even as Republicans campaign in this year's election on a promise to repeal President Obama's signature health care program, the party's leadership in the House appears ready to continue funding for ObamaCare and its controversial mandate that employers include coverage for contraception, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs in health care plans for their employees.

Based on a study by the Urban Institute, AP writer Stephen Ohlemacher has announced a surprise for couples who started collecting their Social Security last year: They won’t be getting all their money back. In fact, under the assumptions by the think tank, they won’t even come close.

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