Although Senate Republicans rejected  cybersecurity legislation last week, President Obama may yet rule on the issue, once again bypassing the legislative branch and the separation of powers set out in the Constitution.

According to a report in The Hill, President Obama is mulling the issuing of an executive order to create “law” where Congress failed to do so.

Reindeer farmer and high school teacher Kerry Bentivolio easily prevailed in a Michigan GOP congressional primary August 7 to replace U.S. Rep. Thad McCotter against a well-funded establishment insurgency by former state senator Nancy Cassis, 66-34. 

Bentivolio did have a significant advantage in the race: he was the only one on the ballot after the incumbent McCotter failed to submit enough signatures to get on the ballot this year. McCotter later dropped out of the race. When the high school teacher became the likely GOP nominee, the GOP establishment rallied against the Ron Paul fan and Federal Reserve critic, eventually settling on Cassis, who put up $200,000 of her own money in what turned out to be a failed write-in campaign. While Cassis had the endorsement of much of the GOP establishment, Bentivolio had won the endorsement of Texas Congressman Ron Paul, his son Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and Michigan Congressman Justin Amash.

The presence of armed military vehicles in American neighborhoods have some concerned that the government is attempting to acclimate the American people with the notion of martial law.

Although the GOP has yet to announce the addition of Ron Paul to the roster of speakers slated to address the party’s national convention later this month in Tampa, his son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, is on the program. Reuters reported late Monday night that Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) will be one of several high-profile Republicans whose participation has been confirmed by the Republican National Committee (RNC).

A top advisor to President Obama received $100,000 in speaking fees in 2010 from a company doing business with Iran, the Washington Post reported earlier this week. David Plouffe, who also served as Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, accepted the payment from a firm tied to the Iranian government.

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