At the start of the New Year, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels (left) announced that he would see to it that Indiana becomes a 'right to work' state before he leaves office in January 2012. On Monday, Indiana's state Senate approved a controversial 'right-to-work' bill, which then moved to the House floor for debate, where tensions were high.

Former Congressman William D. Delahunt (left) from Massachusetts established a lobbying firm, the Delahunt Group, soon after retiring as one of the federal legislature’s most liberal lawmakers. After claiming an office on the 16th floor of a Boston skyscraper, Delahunt launched his business, and one of his first clients was the small town of Hull, on Massachusetts Bay, which agreed to pay him $15,000 a month for assistance in launching a wind energy project.

Mitt RomneyRepublicans debated the housing bubble/bust in the January 23 NBC debate, with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney drawing political blood from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on his Freddie Mac consulting ties.

Infamous war lord and dictator Charles Taylor of Liberia — accused of mass murder, rape, war crimes, involvement in sex slavery, child abuse, torture, cannibalism, and much more — worked with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), according to an explosive report in the Boston Globe citing U.S. government documents.

Our nation's ability to defend its borders against the ongoing onslaught of illegal immigrants has been severely compromised by our government's granting of "do not deport" status to illegal aliens based upon their country of origin.

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