Jesse ThorsenA veteran in uniform who spoke out in favor of GOP presidential contender Ron Paul and his foreign-policy views after the Iowa Republican caucus could face discipline for potentially having violated military regulations, according to Defense Department officials. But the soldier has already gained a tremendous following online among Paul’s enthusiastic supporters.

Gov. Jerry Brown unveiled a new budget plan Thursday that calls on California voters to approve $6.9 billion in new taxes that would apply to sales purchases and income on the state’s high earners (those making over $250,000 a year). The budget was inadvertently published on the state’s Department of Finance website, leaving the Governor’s office scrambling to arrange a news conference Thursday to detail the plan.

Joseph P. Kennedy III, the grandson of slain Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, has formed a exploratory campaign committee in preparation to run for the congressional seat vacated by Rep. Barney Frank, who announced his retirement in November.

As hundreds of family members, friends, and fellow students attended a wake for the Brownsville, Texas, teen shot down by police January 4 in an armed standoff at the boy’s school, many were wondering if overreaction by the police led to the boy’s death.

Despite Rick Santorum's surprise surge in Iowa, a number of his critics contend that he is not the small government conservative he touts himself to be.

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