Bain Capital, the private equity firm founded by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, has ties to the Spanish company that manufactured the voting machines that will be used across the country in November.

Scytl is a Spanish tabulation company that has entered into contracts with several American states and municipalities in recent years to handle the counting of votes in local and national elections.

Ahead of its state convention to be held Saturday in Grand Forks, the Nebraska GOP is ramping up security in order to prevent mayhem it believes could be caused by rowdy Ron Paul supporters.

Jordan McGrain, the executive director of the Nebraska Republican Party, informed the Nebraska Watchdog that party leaders have contracted with a private security company to keep a check on any attempt by Paul backers to disrupt the selection of delegates to the national convention.

He reports that Republicans in the Cornhusker State have been barraged with phone calls from both remaining GOP presidential candidates — Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. Many recipients of those phone calls have informed McGrain that representatives of both camps are trying to nail down the allegiances of potential delegates.

Railing against Texas’ contentious new voter ID law, Attorney General Eric Holder likened Gov. Rick Perry’s effort to curb voter fraud to a “poll tax” — a post-slavery effort to prevent blacks from voting. 

In a largely symbolic vote, the U.S. House of Representatives voted once again to repeal President Obama's signature healthcare law. The vote was bipartisan, with just five Democrats voting alongside Republicans. Despite the success in the House, there is little hope for any progress in the Democratically-led Senate.

Two California cities, San Jose and San Diego, the tenth- and eighth-largest cities in the country respectively, just voted overwhelmingly in favor of ballot measures to rein in union pensions.

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