According to a lawsuit filed by the Goldwater Institute, the U.S. Forest Service is preventing the town of Tombstone, Arizona from repairing the pipelines that provide water to the town's residents.

Areas on the U.S. side of the southwest U.S.-Mexican border are “some of the safest communities in America,” says CBP Director Gene Garza. 

Two elderly sisters thwarted a potential carjacking by refusing to become victims, defending themselves, and yelling for help. 


White House senior counterterrorism adviser John Brennan has tried to justify proliferating drone strikes in Islamic countries this week as a legitimate reaction to the threat posed by the September 11 attacks more than a decade ago. 


The Kentucky Supreme Court has ruled that highway checkpoints of drivers who did not post city stickers in their windows is unconstitutional after one driver is found with marijuana during his vehicle search. The driver moved to have the evidence suppressed on the grounds it was not discovered during a legal stop, as there was no probable cause. The case went all the way to the Kentucky Supreme Court, where the roadblocks were unanimously found to be illegal.

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