In the ongoing #ReleaseTheMemo battle, the aim of the Deep State and its congressional accomplices seems to be to attempt to discredit the four-page FISA memo detailing FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) surveillance abuses before President Trump authorizes its public release. The big problem opponents of the memo will face is that the memo is just that: a memo. The real issue is the intelligence behind the memo. And some lawmakers who have seen the intelligence are among those who voted for — and continue to advocate for — publicly releasing the memo.

New Jerseyans appear impervious to Senator Bob Menendez's career-long history of corruption and treason. Now that the DOJ is dropping charges against him after a hung jury because his evident corruption is apparently not corrupt enough, they're likely to reelect him to another term in November.

While some FBI officials are saying the FISA memo does not contain “any factual inaccuracies,” FBI leadership released a public statement Wednesday citing “grave concerns” about the memo.


Porn star Stormy Daniels has denied any affair with Donald Trump, but it continues to be a big story with the liberal media.

Delaware lawmakers are considering legislation that would legalize physician-assisted suicide, including that of “intellectually disabled” patients.

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