Could this tiny, insignificant, unheralded gun control decision in Kansas lead to a challenge of the notorious National Firearms Act of 1934?



Texas Governor Greg Abbott encouraged the state legislature to pass a bill that would deny state funding for cities that refuse to cooperate with immigration officials.

For the second time in a week, President Donald Trump expressed his dismay over the continuing and escalating gun violence in Chicago, and offered the same solution: federal assistance.

On January 30, lawmakers in Wyoming and Arkansas voted down bills in their respective states that would have pushed our country closer to a so-called convention of the states, a confab that would expose all the Constitution’s protections of fundamental liberties to the political maneuvers and monied manipulations of some of that document's most determined foes.

America is facing an existential threat that has potentially catastrophic military, economic, political, and national security implications. That threat is the U.S. “trade relationship” with the regime ruling Communist China, a suicidal pact engineered by globalist schemers in Washington, D.C., and New York and by power-hungry Chinese Communist schemers in Beijing. According to the film Death By China: How America Lost Its Manufacturing Base, directed by economist Peter Navarro, it is one of the “most urgent problems facing America.” And even that may be understating it. Without action, it could literally be the death of America as it has been known for more than two centuries.

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