Democrat presidential contender Marianne Williamson won’t get the nomination, but she is getting an education — in the facts of life. “Mugged” by fellow liberals this campaign season, she now laments, “I didn’t think the left was so mean” and “lied like this” — “I thought we were better.”

A Democratic member of Congress criticized the inclusion of references to God in oaths administered to witnesses in congressional committees.

VIDEO - Trevor Loudon, an anti-communist author, researcher, filmmaker, and contributor to both The New American magazine and Epoch Times newspaper, discusses NBC's and MSNBC’s recent reporting that attacked and ridiculed the Epoch Times for being “anti-communist” and opposed to the government of the Communist Party of China. Loudon also stresses the importance of being specifically anti-communist, not just pro-freedom.

William Dudley's "clarification" about why he wrote an article suggesting ways the Fed could hurt Trump's reelection chances confirms Deep State anxiety over Trump's disruptions of their plans and agenda. 

The former vice president raised eyebrows with a bloody eye during a CNN town hall on climate change.

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