It doesn't appear that the illegal-alien invasion, now occurring with buses and tractor trailers shipping illegals en masse to southwest border, will end anytime soon, nor will the drug trafficking and other crime the invasion is abetting.


Nicholas Sandmann, the victim of a coast-to-coast Two Minutes Hate after a confrontation with a “Native American elder,” filed a third defamation lawsuit this week, this time against NBC Universal.

VIDEO - Last week, President Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity that he will declassify “everything” related to the FISA warrant applications used to illegally spy on him and his campaign. Contributor for The New American, C. Mitchell Shaw, discusses his article "Trump Appears Ready to Deliver a Stunning Blow to the Deep State and Democrats" with Christian Gomez.

The Democrats are running out of options on how to damage the president. The Mueller report is ancient history, impeachment is off the table, and the hearings are becoming white noise.

Attorney General William Barr is now the new target of the Left — in Congress and the in the media — but famous liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz says Barr was right.

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