Sheriff David Clarke has been accused of plagiarism, but since Clarke takes a conservative position on most issues, he is a predictable target for increased scrutiny by the Left.

A jury that included three blacks found police officer Betty Shelby not guilty of shooting and killing a black man named Terence Crutcher in September of last year in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but CAIR and BLM are noneltheless using the case to imply racism.

It would be hard to find someone less qualified and more dangerous to fill the slot of FBI director than former senator from Connecticut Joe Lieberman, but Trump interviewed him anyway.

The U.S.-led coalition waged an air strike against a pro-Syrian militia saying “it appeared” the Syrian forces were poised to attack an area that included U.S. advisors.

The credibility of the mainstream media takes another hit, this time from a surprising source.

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