California’s radical Attorney General Xavier Becerra traveled to San Diego on September 20 to announce a lawsuit he will file against the Trump administration over its plan to begin construction of a wall along the Mexican border in San Diego and Imperial counties.

In a speech that attracted everything from praise and applause to horror and shock from conservatives, President Donald Trump basically told the United Nations General Assembly and its members that he was going to put America First and that sovereign nation-states should also put the interests of their own citizens first. Still, he suggested governments should cooperate within the UN to make the world better, and to deal with certain rogue regimes. Basically, Trump outlined what the administration is calling an “America First” foreign policy toward the UN and other nations guided by “Principled Realism.” It was a sharp contrast from Obama's final UNGA address demanding Americans “accept constraints” on U.S. sovereignty to bring about the UN's vision for humanity.

Freedom was a word that might offend the Saudis, so then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deleted it from her 2010 speech at a women's university in Saudi Arabia, e-mails reveal.

On Friday, a federal judge in Chicago ruled that the Department of Justice cannot withhold federal law enforcement grants to sanctuary cities, dealing yet another blow to the Trump administration’s efforts to rein in illegal immigration and protect the borders.

At UC Berkeley on September 14, hundreds of police officers in riot gear were on hand to prevent leftist violence as conservative speaker Ben Shapiro took the stage to address a crowd of a thousand devotees and detractors. The police presence at the event was intimidating and, admittedly, a little bit creepy.

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