While the media was focusing on Governor Scott Walker’s difficulties with unions in Wisconsin, John Stossel said they missed a much larger and more important story about another governor: Luis Fortuño (left), of Puerto Rico. In 2009, the 3,500-square-mile island just east of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico was, according to Fortuño, a mess:

Despite high unemployment and the prolonged burden of lethargic economic growth, U.S. Congressional leaders are seeing their personal wealth rise. With unemployment at 9.1 percent and the private sector short on cash, everyday Americans desperately seek work, while those fortunate to have work suffer from benefit and wage cuts.

With just a few episodes left of the Glenn Beck program on Fox News, the conservative pundit has little time remaining to warn about the dangers plaguing the American people. Unwilling to waste that time, Beck used Wednesday’s episode to caution his viewers about Agenda 21, a Soros-sponsored plan implemented by the United Nations for “sustainable development.”

The plan has been adopted by 178 nations, reported Beck, who also put that figure into perspective when he said, “I believe there’s only 191 on the planet.”

Dennis KucinichGive Dennis Kucinich credit for tenacity. Having been thwarted by the House of Representatives’ leadership in his attempt to get the House to pass a resolution demanding an end to President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional war in Libya, the Ohio Democrat, along with nine other Congressmen, is suing Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates in federal court in hopes of putting a stop to the United States’ involvement in the NATO operation.

After adamantly resisting calls for his resignation, New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner announced his resignation moments ago during a press conference in Brooklyn, New York. The announcement came three weeks after Weiner was exposed for engaging in a number of illicit online relationships, and after an exchange between the Congressman and a 17-year old high school student raised a few eyebrows.

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