The U.S. House of Representatives is pushing legislation that would overturn a law that bans incandescent light bulbs and sets new energy-efficiency standards for the bulbs. Under President George W. Bush, a 2007 energy act was passed that requires efficiency upgrades in incandescent light bulbs, which have remained relatively unchanged since the invention of the light bulb in 1879. Republicans in the House contend that the law is a violation of personal freedom and are determined to overturn it. A vote on a bill to overturn the ban could come as early as today.

Once again, the has shown, if you work for the man who talked about hope and change, you can have a lot of hope you�ll get a lot of change: 146 of President Barack Obama�s 270 staff members received an average raise of eight percent for the 2010-11 year.

Gawker correctly observes that Americans suffer while the Obama class of 2012 rakes in the money, every cent of it taken from those suffering American taxpayers. Obama plays golf; his leftist myrmidons get rich. Americans pay for it.

“True it is that politics makes strange bedfellows.” The precise origin of this phrase is unclear, but its application to the race for President in 2012 is all too evident and perhaps a bit uncomfortable.

A new law in Wisconsin may allow applicants for a concealed carry permit to take safety classes online.

The concealed carry bill was signed into law by Governor Scott Walker on Friday and because of a bit of legislative vaguenes, it may be possible for those seeking a permit to satisfy the safety course by enrolling in an online class.

From June 16-18, New Orleans hosted the 2011 Republican Leadership Conference. During the three-day event, with the notable exception of “front runner” Mitt Romney and recent entry Jon Huntsman, Jr., most of the current roster of GOP presidential hopefuls took center stage and addressed hundreds of Republican activists, donors, and party leaders. Beginning Thursday with Gary Johnson and Newt Gingrich and concluding Saturday with Texas Governor Rick Perry (not an official candidate), with the exception of Congressman Ron Paul, each of the candidates demonstrated their ability to stick to the same talking points: Obama (bad), conservative (good), Pelosi (bad), Israel (good).

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