Georgia recently enacted legislation allowing doctors to enter into private care agreements with patients, avoiding both insurance and ObamaCare.

Border agents collared a number of illegal-alien miscreants in the past few days, including yet another sex fiend, and seized another load of drugs worth more than half-million dollars.


Maybe it’s their white privilege. Whatever the case, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) — who now apparently has added “botanist” to her long list of qualifications — has just warned that growing cauliflower plants in nonwhite neighborhoods’ community gardens is akin to an act of colonialism.

VIDEO - On a party-line vote of 12 to 8, Nevada Senate Democrats voted to approve a bill to join the National Popular Vote Compact, which the state’s Assembly had also previously passed on a party-line vote.

Thanks to the idiotic policy of catching and releasing illegal aliens, and the even more idiotic sanctuary policies that protect those criminals from deportation, once again someone is dead.

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