As more details are released regarding Weiner’s illicit online affairs, and in light of the announcement that Weiner’s wife is pregnant, a number of congressional Democrats are calling for his resignation. The calls are being led by former Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Kaine, who was allegedly the first to assert that Weiner should resign in the wake of the scandal.

On June 1, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed a bill eliminating the the collective bargaining “rights” of teachers in the Volunteer State. Two versions of the final act were passed by the state House of Representatives and the Senate respectively. The House passed their version 55-40 during a late-night vote before adjourning for the weekend. For its part, the state Senate passed their companion measure earlier in the day by a vote of 19-12.

Conservatives have some reason to question a Mitt Romney presidential run. Although the former Massachusetts Governor possesses admirable traits — he is a family man who has stuck by his wife through sickness; he salvaged the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics from corrupt mismanagement; and he made his career in the private sector, rather than as a politician — there are plenty of troubling things as well.

Yet another free trade agreement is in the works, as Congress debates the Republic of Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement (also known as KORUS FTA), which would, upon ratification, eliminate 95 percent of each nation's tariffs on goods within five years. It would also create new protections for multinational financial services and other firms who engage in bilateral commerce between the United States and South Korea. Unlike NAFTA, however, KORUS FTA is facing a front of stiff opposition from the new wave of Tea Party conservatives who warn of the possible risks and liabilities to our national sovereignty, economic prowess, and manufacturing capabilities posed by KORUS FTA.

The Obama administration is intensifying its illegal secret war in Yemen as armed rebellions against the U.S.-government-backed dictatorship of Ali Abdullah Saleh (left) threaten to overthrow the regime. But while the mainstream press has been cheering on the unlawful military campaign, experts warned that it could easily backfire.

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