Following President Obama’s immigration proclamation from El Paso, the Democratic leadership in Congress has reintroduced the DREAM Act, a key plank in the “comprehensive immigration reform” platform.


Sounding very much like a declared candidate for the Presidency, Donald Trump gave a rambling rehash of his positions on various issues to a small but supportive crowd today at the Nashua, New Hampshire, Chamber of Commerce. 

Obama BudgetThe power of the legislative branch to control spending in the Anglo-American tradition predates the founding of the American colonies. It was at the core of the dispute between the Crown and Parliament during the reign of James II of England back in the 1680s. James II abolished Parliament for not paying for his military appointments, and the King paid for the transgression with exile.

As recounted last year in The New American, the American Constitution Party (ACP) has achieved major party status in Colorado, due in large part to the campaign for Governor of Tom Tancredo (left), former Republican Congressman from the state. Ironically, now that the ACP has gained this level of official acceptance, the red tape associated with maintaining this existence is discouraging it from getting comfortable in the new role as a legitimate alternative and besides, it's expensive to buy into this high-stakes game.

On Friday the Obama administration announced that it will make at least $1.3 billion available to female and Hispanic farmers in order to settle discrimination complaints those groups have filed against the Department of Agriculture.

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