When doctors contribute their own money to PACs, those PACs reflect pro-Second Amendment viewpoints!

Former Vice President Joe Biden might have a bigger problem than being an old white guy if he runs for president.

Like Lucy pulling the football away just as Charlie Brown tried to kick it, supposedly conservative judges have been frustrating conservatives and pleasing liberals for decades.

The Washington Post is apparently trying to wriggle out of Nicholas Sandman’s $250 million lawsuit that charges the leftist rag with myriad defamatory claims.

Under the guise of mandating “universal background checks,” Congress is working on a gun-control plot (H.R. 8) that would ban all private sales of firearms and essentially create a national gun registry. Among other concerns, gun-rights advocates warned that the scheme would enable future confiscation of firearms by government while making countless law-abiding citizens into criminals. Whether the radical bill will become law remains unclear. But with the Senate likely to vote it down and the White House threatening a veto, gun-rights groups are cautiously optimistic while gearing up for a fight just in case.

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