After years of decrying America’s 16-year war in Afghanistan as expensive and unwinnable, President Donald Trump announced Monday that he would continue and expand the war.

The governor of Puerto Rico believes statehood in America would be good for Puerto Rico; but would it be good for America?

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and the Cato Institute, along with the National Sheriffs' Association and the Independence Institute, filed a “friend of the court” brief on Monday urging the Supreme Court to take under review a lower court’s decision upholding Maryland’s nearly total ban on so-called assault weapons.

As applications for concealed carry permits continue to set records, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's attempts to slow the pro-gun momentum are increasingly futile.

Though the IRS was chastised three years ago for rehiring those who were terminated for having lied, cheated, and stolen, the IRS continues to hire repeat offenders. Nothing has changed.

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