A judge and trial court officer in Massachusetts helped an illegal alien escape from Immigration and Customs Enforcement last year, federal prosecutors allege, and they now face multiple charges, including conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Unless senior Democrat Party leadership loses its mind, impeaching President Trump looks like a dead issue. 

While some polls put 2020 Democrat hopeful Joe Biden ahead of Trump, the new progessive face of the Democrat Party thinks he is too moderate and likely won’t support him.

When a cabal of leftist senators and the sisterhood conspired to derail the nomination of U.S. Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh with preposterously false charges of sex assault and gang rape, they also began retailing a revisionist history about Anita Hill and her false charges against Justice Clarence Thomas.

At a speech to the NRA, President Trump announced his intent to withdraw completely from the United Nations' Arms Trade Treaty.

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