Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow Edward Alden, along with Henry Paulson, Larry Summers, Timothy Geithner, Robert Zoellick, and other CFR heavyweights, have been huddling with China’s top communist leaders. It appears they are developing a joint fight-back plan against President Donald Trump.

“I am more worried [about nuclear war] than I have ever been in my life, at least since the Cuban missile crisis.” So said Stephen Cohen, professor emeritus of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University, on Thursday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight. Cohen was, of course, addressing the impending attack on Syria, which is now a reality.

While Facebook has back-stepped on censoring Diamond and Silk, prominent conservatives charge that the social media giant continues to play politics with content it allows.

Former FBI director James Comey has been making the media rounds virtue-signaling with his new book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership. But it turns out that his real loyalty might have been to career advancement: In a little noted admission, Comey reveals in his book that he might have declined to prosecute Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information because he believed she’d be the next president.

After having withdrawn the United States from the sovereignty-shredding Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “free-trade” regime that he once blasted as the “rape of our country,” President Donald Trump has now started to waffle. On April 12, he reportedly told a gathering of lawmakers and governors that he was open to re-joining, and that he had directed his top officials to open negotiations. Key establishment globalists and more than a few actual communists are celebrating Trump's apparent change of heart. But among his base — the people who defied the establishment by the millions to elect him — concerns and even feelings of betrayal are growing. What comes next remains unclear.  

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