It’s Bill O’Reilly’s history of sexual harassment that will end his career as host of his The O’Reilly Factor.




North Korea’s Han Song-Ryal said, “If the U.S. is reckless enough to use military means it would mean … an all-out war,” and promised to conduct weekly missile tests.

United Healthcare has experienced remarkable growth since opting out of all but a few ObamaCare exchanges, and while this is certainly troublesome for those in favor of ObamaCare, it is not quite a boon for taxpayers and free market proponents. Though United Healthcare's profits have increased by 35 percent, the growth is largely the result of government business in the form of taxpayer-funded Medicare and Medicaid.

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) recently told constituents that "free" college tuition is a bad idea because "we can't just start having the government pay for everything" or the United States will end up like Greece.

During a visit to Asia, Vice President Pence warned North Korea that it should not test U.S. resolve and assured Japan’s leaders: “We are with you 100 percent.”

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