VIDEO - The United Nations dictators club claims the American people are not allowed to repeal ObamaCare under "international law." In this video, foreign correspondent Alex Newman explains why this ridiculous idea must be rejected.

A close look at the renegotiation objectives announced this week by the Trump administration should concern any American who treasures our nation's independence.

Will Thursday's general strike, dubbed the "final offensive," succeed in ousting Venezuela's Marxist Dictator Nicolas Maduro?

VIDEO - Despite claiming to support free speech and freedom of the press, the United Nations and its tentacles are waging a war on journalism. So extreme is this war that at least two leading UN agencies are actually pursuing criminal charges against journalists who exposed the corruption of their leaders. The first, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and its leader, Brazilian leftist José Graziano da Silva, are abusing arcane fascist-era Italian laws to persecute a newspaper and its editor for exposing massive corruption and other problems. Graziano is linked to a network of Latin American communists and terrorists currently being prosecuted across the region known as the Foro de Sao Paulo. The UN World Intellectual Property Organization and its chief, Francis Gurry, are pursuing criminal charges against a reporter in Switzerland for his factual reporting on major corruption. The scandal shows the UN is not just hypocritical, but a major threat to fundamental human rights around the world.

A significant turn of events has transpired for Charlie Gard and his parents, as a U.S. physician will be allowed to examine and assess the child for possible treatment.

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