After equating U.S. President Donald Trump's “tactics” to those of ISIS, a top United Nations bureaucrat warned that the American leader's rhetoric borders on “incitement to violence.”

Get ready for more globalist “human-rights” propaganda aimed at undermining America, liberty, free markets, and real God-given human rights, courtesy of the dictator-dominated United Nations. The discredited UN “human rights” bureaucracy, infamous for praising dictators and attacking free nations, is under fire worldwide again after UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, a proud Socialist leader, selected a fellow radical Socialist and close ally of mass-murdering communist regimes to serve as UN “High Commissioner for Human Rights.”

Globalist organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank want absolute and completely immunity from all laws, all over the world.

Saudi Arabia imposed sanctions against Canada over a tweet that called for the release of human rights advocates held in Saudi Arabia.

President Trump's new sanctions on Iran have gone into effect, and are already being felt in the Islamic country.

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