After years of government-linked slaughter, torture, abuse, and hatred against embattled European-descent farmers in South Africa, the radical government might have finally gone too far by openly vowing to steal their land without compensation.

Under an openly racist redistributionist policy announced by South Africa’s new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, land will be taken away from whites and given to black South Africans — all without any compensation.

“Big strong boys for farm work,” says the auctioneer of the young black men on the block. They go for approximately $400 a piece — a bargain. This isn’t the “legacy of slavery,” but the real thing, occurring here, now, today, on the African continent in Libya.

The United Nations and its “peacekeeping” forces have long been known as a haven for pedophiles, child molesters, and rapists. After decades of horrors, somebody has finally decided to “do something.” 

The killing of over 300 people in a bomb attack in Somalia may have been motivated by an American military raid in the country carried out in August.

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