Last week, the story from South Africa was the seizure of land from white farmers without compensation. This week, it's that the government could seize 300,000 privately owned but unlicensed guns.

Globalists, racists, and communists around the world freaked out after President Donald Trump, citing a segment on Fox News, publicly spoke out about the racist land grabs and brutal farm murders afflicting South Africa. As if to justify the president's ridicule of the establishment media as “fake news,” the fake-news machine kicked into overdrive last week to deny that anything bad was happening, while frantically calling everybody who notices reality a “racist” or worse. However, as this magazine has been documenting for many years, the horrors unfolding in the new South Africa by organized racist and communist forces — all backed and facilitated by Deep State globalists in the West — are undeniable. And if current trends continue, the situation is likely to go from bad to worse, quickly.

Trump may have just changed the course of history.  


The South African government has begun seizing white farmers' lands without compensation.

VIDEO - On June 21-23, 2018, the 2018 Red Pill Expo was held in Spokane, Washington by Freedom Force International. Correspondent Alex Newman attended the event and spoke with Dr. Harry Booyens about the injustices happening in South Africa.

Speaking in South Africa earlier this month, Obama showered praise on a top leader of the South African Communist Party (SACP), Nelson Mandela — a man who lied about his party membership all his life, and who also led the mass-murdering terrorist wing of the Soviet-controlled African National Congress (ANC) known as Umkhonto we Sizwe. The former U.S. president's apparent idol, who inspired him to get involved in politics in the first place, spent decades on the official U.S. State Department terrorist list. Incredibly, though, Obama articulated a bizarre vision for the world based on the actions and words of this man.

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