Zimbabwe's mass-murdering dictator Robert Mugabe was one of the most ruthless tyrants of the 21st century. Installed with direct support from the Deep State in the West and the Soviet Union, he died this week at 95 after having been deposed in 2017. In response, establishment media outlets around the world attempted to deceive their audiences, ludicrously proclaiming that Mugabe had “liberated” the former Rhodesia as he oversaw its economic implosion and enslavement. The reality is that Mugabe was no “liberator.” He was not a “guerrilla leader.” He was a maniacal, genocidal terrorist who came to power as a direct result of Deep State-controlled U.S. and British foreign policy. And the entire continent suffered as a result.

A group of Muslims in northern Kenya are being hailed as heroes for protecting Christians in the area from armed Islamic terrorists.

In the tiny nation of Burkina Faso in West Africa, violent Islamic extremist are causing panic among the country’s population with their attempts to eradicate the Christian faith from the country.

While most of the world is happy that apartheid government in South Africa is a thing of the past, in one minority group of the nation there are some who believe they were treated better under that system than the current one.

While the world’s media is focused on the deadly mosque shootings in New Zealand, another, even more deadly slaughter has been taking place in Nigeria.

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