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Murderous Marxist Tyrant Mugabe to Lead African Union

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As if to highlight for humanity the danger of the regional regimes proliferating across the world, ruthless Marxist dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe — among the most brutal tyrants on a planet packed with despots — was selected to serve as “chairman” of the so-called African Union. While much of the world was horrified by the news, fellow African rulers and even United Nations boss Ban Ki-moon were celebrating the power transfer in Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa. The Zimbabwean tyrant said “climate change,” “development,” attacking Israel, “terrorism,” “gender equality,” and more would be among his top priorities as chief of the continental regime. The "former" terrorist even touted his ethnic cleansing and thievery masquerading as “land reform” as a model for Africa.

In his acceptance speech, the 90-year-old autocrat, identified as “His Excellency President Mugabe” by the European Union-style AU, thanked his fellow rulers for the “honor and trust” they bestowed upon him “personally.” Even though Western hedge-funds, led by Och-Ziff Capital Management, have been essential financiers of his tyranny, the tyrant blasted “colonialism” and “imperialism.” Mugabe also expressed confidence that he would always be able to count on the “full support and cooperation” of his AU comrades in “the execution of the important mandate” they gave him as boss of the regional entity. Celebrating the unification of Africa under the AU regime — following virtually the same roadmap currently being used to smash sovereignty and self-government around the world in other regions — Mugabe promised much more “African Unity” to come.        

If history is any guide, though, it will not be pleasant. “Since the majority of our people depend on the land for sustenance and livelihood, we need to ensure they have access to the land, and that Africa’s vast agricultural potential is fully harnessed,” said Mugabe, whose hyperinflation, socialism, and “land reform” targeting whites and political opponents helped transform the once-prosperous nation he rules from the “breadbasket of Africa” into a poverty-stricken nightmare. Much of his victimized population, for instance, now depends on international food aid to just barely stay alive. He added, “The Land Reform Program that my government embarked upon since the year 2000 was precisely meant to achieve this, notwithstanding the political demonization that my country has endured from those who had selfish and vested interests in our land.”  

Just days before taking over leadership at the would-be continental super-state, Mugabe’s regime announced the long-expected end goal to the ongoing ethnic-cleansing campaign — mostly stripping whites and political opponents of their property to be redistributed to his supporters and cronies. According to “Land and Rural Resettlement Minister” Douglas Mombeshora, the handful of white farmers who still remain in Zimbabwe after all the brutal efforts to drive out descendants of Europeans now have just 90 days to vacate the land. The campaign, which formally began in 2000, resulted in widespread land expropriations, torture, and mass murder of both whites and blacks, followed by near or actual starvation for much of the population. Many suspect it was deliberate; though, in fairness, socialism and Marxism produce the same fruits everywhere.

Mugabe tried to put a happy face on it all in his acceptance speech. “The positive impact the program is having on some sections of our farmers has vindicated us,” he claimed. “Our production in the tobacco sector, for example, has by far surpassed levels attained by former white farmers.” Unfortunately for the victims living under Mugabe’s regime, however, even if that were true, the people of Zimbabwe cannot eat tobacco or the foreign cash his regime gets for it. What the people now need desperately includes all the basics — food, water, healthcare, and so on. Seeking another excuse, Mugabe also claimed “climate change continues to threaten agriculture on the continent.” And as such, Africa’s rulers must “actively champion our interests within the framework of the United Nations climate negotiations.”  

Before the murderous land grabs, a brutal brigade of Mugabe’s terror forces, trained by the mass-murdering communist regime ruling North Korea, was accused of attempted genocide in the Gukurahundi campaign to exterminate the Ndebele people. Shortly after the communist bloc and the “Free World” joined forces in the UN to bring down the white-led Rhodesian government of Prime Minister Ian Smith, which had broad support among blacks and was in the process of major reform, Mugabe and his co-conspirators took power and renamed the country Zimbabwe. One of his early major acts as ruler was to unleash a horrific campaign of mass-murder, terror, and extermination aimed at the Ndebele, fellow black Africans who lived in the southern regions of the country. Tens of thousands of Ndebele were slaughtered, with some estimates suggesting the number could be as high as 80,000.       

As simultaneous chairman of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which includes other genocide-linked regimes in the region such as the radical Communist Party-African National Congress alliance ruling South Africa, Mugabe took the opportunity to explain the relation between the two regional integration schemes. “In SADC, we have adopted several economic strategies to propel the sub-region to greater heights, mindful of our role as a building block toward the African Union,” he explained, claiming the plans would “catapult the region to a high level of development,” when in reality, it is doing the exact opposite.

Of course, while the SADC may be a building block of the African Union — there are numerous other globalist-backed “sub-regional” regimes misruling other portions of the continent — the AU itself is also merely a building block of something even bigger. Senior globalist Henry Kissinger, a key architect of Zimbabwe’s suffering, outlined the strategy being used to impose on humanity what he calls the “New World Order” — better understood as world government. “The contemporary quest for world order will require a coherent strategy to establish a concept of order within the various regions and to relate these regional orders to one another,” Kissinger explained in an excerpt from his recent book World Order. And as is plain to see, that is exactly what is happening, from the EU and the AU to the Eurasian Economic Union and the Union of South American States (UNASUL or UNASUR).    

Almost incredibly, instead of condemning the decision as ridiculous or at least remaining quiet, United Nations boss Ban Ki-moon and other “dignitaries” were there for the festivities as Mugabe took over the AU as chairman. “African countries have been the backbone and leading Member States of the United Nations since the day they achieved independence,” Ban told the assembled rulers, celebrating the growing number of “states” — from four in 1945 to 54 in 2015 — proliferating across the continent. “In this critical year, we need Africa to help guide the way to a world of sustainability and dignity for all the people, where nobody will be left behind.” With Mugabe “guiding” Africa, the notion that “Africa” ought to “guide the way” for the world sounded rather outlandish to critics.

What remains of the long-terrorized and oppressed opposition to Mugabe’s iron-fisted rule, for example, tried to speak out about the recent developments. “Mugabe has trashed democracy in Zimbabwe and he and his party have ruined the economy,” Obert Gutu, a spokesman for the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in Zimbabwe, was quoted as saying by Reuters. “He lacks the political legitimacy to lead an Africa that should be looking to consolidate democracy and good governance.” One unnamed “Western diplomat” quoted by the news agency, though, vowed to continue “working with the African Union regardless of the president.”

John F. McManus, the publisher of this magazine, offered an excellent summary of how Marxist terrorist Mugabe was able to seize power and so brutally oppress the people of Zimbabwe over the decades that followed. Not surprising, perhaps, is the fact that the UN and then U.S. Secretary of State Henry “NWO” Kissinger played a starring role, along with the murderous communist regimes ruling China and the Soviet Union. “The demise of independent Rhodesia can be traced to the array of sanctions placed on the infant nation by United Nations Security Council resolutions,” McManus explained. “Of course, much of their effect would have been minimal had the United States not led in the enforcement of those UN mandates.” Kissinger, though, was zealous in destroying Rhodesia and bringing communist terrorists to power.  

Today, despite ongoing and firm support from Pyongyang, Beijing, and African regimes from South Africa to Algeria, Mugabe is almost universally known as one of the planet’s most bloodthirsty and autocratic dictators. Countless thousands of innocent victims have died under his savage rule. As Mugabe takes over as chairman of the AU, though, his rise to continental prominence and respectability should also serve as a blaring alarm to the rest of humanity. If Mugabe can lead the AU, what is to stop a similarly mad despot from leading other supranational institutions? Instead of producing “security” and “prosperity,” as globalists continually promise, surrendering national sovereignty, self-government, and liberty will ultimately produce misery, tyranny, poverty, lawlessness. and insecurity. Americans, especially, must tell the globalists no.  


Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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