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UN Food Program Director Warns of ISIS Joining African Militants to Promote Migration to Europe

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David Beasley, a former governor of South Carolina who is now the executive director of the UN World Food Programme, said that ISIS commanders fleeing Syria are conspiring with extremist groups in Africa to take control of a new migration wave that will send jihadists to Europe. Beasley made his statement to reporters during an April 24-25 conference in Brussels to discuss aid for people affected by the war in Syria.

Beasley was quoted by the British Guardian newspaper: “You are going to face a similar pattern of what took place years ago, except you are going to have more ISIS and extremist groups infiltrating migration."

“What we are picking up is that they are partnering with the extremist groups like Boko Haram and al-Qaida to divvy up territory and resources and to continue to infiltrate and destabilize in the hope of creating migration into Europe where they can infiltrate and cause chaos."

“My comment to the Europeans is that if you think you had a problem resulting from a nation of 20 million people like Syria because of destabilization and conflict resulting in migration, wait until the greater Sahel region of 500 million people is further destabilized. And this is where the European community and international community has got to wake up.”

As the head of the UN’s food program, Beasley focused on the use of food by displaced ISIS leaders and their allied African terrorist groups as a recruitment tool and a vehicle to push millions of Africans toward Europe.

Britain’s Daily Mail quoted Beasley’s statement that the World Food Programme sees food as “a weapon of peace, as a weapon of reconciliation, as a weapon for sustainable development.”

Beasley did not mention that historically, food aid sent by the UN to regions such as Africa has often fallen into the hands of terrorists, who use the food not so much as a recruitment tool, but as a method of controlling the population. As one example, last December, Boko Haram militants attacked a UN World Food Programme (WFP) aid convoy escorted by the Nigerian military in northeast Nigeria. The militants killed four people and stole a truck and two cars full of food. WFP said they were trying to work with authorities to find the location of the trucks.

Humanitarian assistance, preferably through private charities, is always commendable. But that aid is unlikely to deter mass migration to Europe, so EU nations must be prepared to secure their borders, as should the United States.

 Image: Screenshot from World Food Programme website

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